Magma degassing and its impact to the Earth’s atmosphere: from magma oceans to lava lakes

Special Volume to Compte Rendu – Geoscience

Editors: Bruno Scaillet, Clive Oppenheimer, Manuel Moreira

Magmatic volatiles have played, and still play, fundamental roles in Earth’s evolution and environmental conditions at the surface, yet many aspects of their behaviour remain obscure. This special volume aims to explore and illustrate the processes and impacts of magmatic degassing across a range of spatial and temporal scales: from the Hadean to the present, from passive to explosive, from subaerial to submarine. Contributions are welcomed concerning any aspects of observations, experiments or models that shed light on the behaviour or impacts of major and minor volatiles, including noble gases. We welcome manuscripts concerning any geodynamic context, including planetwide melting of the young Earth, subduction zones, hot-spots and oceanic spreading. Studies reporting on models that simulate degassing, along with observational constraints on volatiles in magmas, including those shedding light on deep conditions (melt/fluid inclusions) or drawing on any sensing approaches that detect and quantify surface or subsurface degassing. Studies providing experimental constraints on the solubilities of volatiles, their gas/melt/crystal partitioning, and their effects on magma properties are also welcome.  


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