Scientific Research

By its nature of OSU, OSUC aims to facilitate transdisciplinary research in the sciences of the universe between the three laboratories; LPC2E, ISTO and Nançay and its partners (ICARE, CBM, INRAE, PRISME, IDP).

The scientific research carried out within the perimeter of the OSUC is varied, and is naturally essentially grouped into two main areas: Astronomy / Astrophysics / Atmosphere and Geology / Geochemistry / Geophysics. Scientific projects between the laboratories (and partner teams) of the OSUC are numerous, in large part thanks to the Labex Voltaire, which made these collaborations possible.

The renewal for 5 years of this Labex should very clearly allow the continuation of these numerous cooperations on the themes of the Labex Voltaire.

However, it should be noted that the Labex Voltaire does not cover all of the research themes, and the role of the OSUC, as research coordinator, is also to encourage collaborative research in other scientific fields. and also to be in a prospective work.