The Earth and Space Research Observatory in the Centre-Val de Loire region (Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers en région Centre – Val de Loire, OSUC) is one of the 28 Earth and Space Research Observatories (OSU) of the National Institute of Sciences of the Universe of the CNRS, and constitutes a department of the University of Orléans.

The role of the Earth and Space Research Observatories is to implement long-term actions and national observation services, to promote interdisciplinary research, to disseminate scientific knowledge and to train students within universities, from college to graduate levels.

OSUC is a federative structure that brings together three research laboratories: the Earth Sciences Institute of Orléans (ISTO), the Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of the Environment and Space (LPC2E) and the Radioastronomy Observatory in Nançay (ORN). Partner teams from other laboratories on the campus in Orléans are also part of OSUC.

The OSUC relies on a Research Support Unit (UAR 3116) to carry out its missions. The UAR is funded by three operators: the CNRS, the University of Orléans and the Observatory of Paris.